Rabbi Gedalia Liebes

Happiness- Purim

Purim – the happiest day of the year. From festive meals with ”spirited” l’chaims, to creative costumes…from upbeat music to lively dancing…there’s no happier, livelier day on the Jewish calendar. As the Megillah itself states, “For the Jews there was light (a reference to Torah), and simcha (rejoicing)…”  Additionally, we recognize that no celebration can …

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Wipe the Slate Clean- a Yom Kippur Message

Go ahead, ask someone. Ask what comes to mind when contemplating the holiday of Yom Kippur. For starters, many will probably question, “What kind of holiday is this?” A fast day, most certainly! A holy, spiritual day, yes. But a holiday? No way!” Holidays are about eating delicious meals with family and friends, getting together and enjoying …

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