Rabbi Yitzchok Oratz

Rabbi Yitzchok Oratz is the Rabbi and Director of the Monmouth Torah Links community. Shortly after receiving his semicha (rabbinic ordination) from Bais Medrash Govoha, the famed Lakewood Yeshiva, Rabbi Oratz, along with his wife Toby and family, moved to Marlboro, NJ where they co-founded the MTL community in 2001. Aside for his "Devar on the Par" that he writes for MTL, his writings have also been published on Aish, Times of Israel, Seforim Blog, Hakira, and in various Rabbinic journals. Rabbi Oratz looks forward to continuing teaching Torah in a way that is timely and timeless, and sharing meaningful Jewish experiences with the amazing MTL community.

Parshas Terumah – Holy Homes

It is a fundamental principle of the Jewish faith that G-d’s constant presence fills all of existence. Whether one prefers the terminology of the Kabbalists that there is “no space void of Him,” of the philosophers who say that G-d is the “First Cause” and “Ongoing Sustainer,” or of the popular children’s song that declares, “Hashem …

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Parshas Mishpatim – Small Gestures, Major Results

How much is a small gesture worth? Consider the following. Children are on the school bus on the way home from a grueling day at school. The bus driver barks at the children. The children’s already edgy mood is exacerbated.  They come home and fight with their siblings. This drives their mother crazy. She takes …

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Parshas Lech Lecha – Stardust

There is something special about the stars. Lightyears away, we gaze at them in wonder, and they captivate our imagination. In our colloquial speech, as well, a star denotes something or someone unique or special. Five-star, superstar, starstruck, starry-eyed, lucky star, wish upon a star, shining star – few words in our dictionary have such …

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Parshas Lech Lecha – Great Vision, Minor Details

In the course of the next few weeks’ Torah portions we learn much about the life and times of our amazing patriarch, Avraham. An iconoclastic yet humble man, loved by G-d but incredibly challenged by Him, a man fiercely loyal to his family, a teacher of Godliness who had the audacity to debate with G-d, …

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