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Chometz Selling 5784/2024
Below please find a link to download the Chometz Sale Form.
You can also obtain a Chometz Sale Form directly from Rabbi Oratz.

Starting Thursday morning, 4/11/24, Rabbi Oratz will be available in shul most mornings and evenings to arrange your Chometz selling. Please text or call to confirm that he is there.

Although out of both halacha and minhag (Jewish law & custom) considerations, it is preferable to appoint the Rabbi to sell your chometz in person, if you are not available,
you may drop off or email back the form.

If you will not be doing it in person:
Please fill out the form and either email it to Rabbi Oratz at or put in his mailbox (23 Cypress Lane, Marlboro) in an envelope with your name on it. 
In either the email text, attached to the email, or in the envelope -- please write a separate note that says -- 
"Rabbi Oratz -- I hereby appoint you a fully halachically binding messenger (shaliach) to arrange for the selling of my Chometz as detailed in the attached/enclosed contract."

Then sign (if possible) and print your name and include your phone number.

Please return the forms by Tuesday evening (April 16th) at 9:45 PM.